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It’s Time to Ditch the Window AC: Upgrading to Central Air

Central air conditioning is a term that is known widely throughout pop culture. When you close your eyes and imagine your home with “central air” you probably think of closing the front door on a hot and muggy day to enjoy a cool breeze coming from the indoor vents. You can sleep soundly, pull up a blanket for a movie night, and even just read a book regardless of how hot it is outside.

When compared to window AC units, central air conditioning is a huge step up. But what if we told you that central AC in Grapevine, TX isn’t as expensive of a choice as you might think? With great promotions available, high-efficiency systems, and even comparing it to window AC units, a central air conditioner could save you money over time.

Let’s talk about why it’s time to ditch the window units and upgrade to a central air conditioner.

Superb Efficiency

First, we need to talk about the elephant in the room.

Yes, a central air conditioner will cost a lot more to install than a window AC unit. While most people can install window air conditioners on their own, you’re also going to need to invest in professional AC installation when signing up for a central air unit. This is a dealbreaker for many people.

However, if you just compare the efficiency of a window AC unit to that of a central air conditioner, and also think about the cooling output that it gives (a central air conditioner cools your entire home), you could get way more bang for your buck with a central air conditioner.

Yes, the investment is more upfront. But it’s worth it going forward, and you could have a completely cooled home at a low cost when compared to multiple window units chugging along.

Better Temperature Control

When comparing a central air conditioner to multiple window AC units, there’s no question that one far exceeds the other in temperature control. Central air conditioners rely on a central thermostat to control the temperature of your entire home, allowing for a streamlined and more efficient process.

With window AC units, you’ve got to individually control each one, usually with a touch device on the system itself, which causes them to run in haphazard cycles that are not controlled centrally.

Basically, the central AC runs in simple cycles that work to keep temperatures exactly as they’re listed on the thermostat. Window AC units just can’t do that as well.

Insulation, Window Aesthetics, and More!

There are a few other reasons to invest in a central AC unit.

For starters, your home’s exterior insulation is much better than the insulation of your interior walls. That means cooling your whole home is more efficient than just cooling individual rooms.

Also, window AC units take up precious window space that could be affecting your access to natural light for your plants and mental health.

Basically, central air conditioners outclass window units in a variety of different ways which make their larger investment cost worth it in almost every way.

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