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DIY Maintenance: Why It’s Not a Very Good Idea

In this blog, we’d like to specify some very important information.

For starters, we’re not talking about your air filter. This component requires regular maintenance, but we believe that our customers can do this on their own. This is different from the AC maintenance in Grapevine, TX we’ll be talking about below.

Maintenance involves a system inspection, cleaning, and adjustments to retain optimal performance and efficiency. These should only be done by a licensed professional. To figure out why this is such a complicated process, we’ll need to break down some of the problems that come with DIY maintenance, and why even a thorough tutorial video online is not going to be enough to prepare you for the worst scenario.

First: Why Maintenance Is Important

Maintenance is a key aspect of AC ownership. When you purchase a brand-new AC unit, it’s not worth the hefty cost if it’s going to break down in a few years. This is precisely what can happen when components are neglected and the system isn’t maintained.

During maintenance, a professional can clean the coils of your unit as well as adjust certain settings, lubricate components, and even replace small worn-down components before they break apart. This keeps the system running optimally and keeps efficiency levels high.

Without this service, you’re way more likely to run into problems in the future.

Second: Why DIY Maintenance Can Be Bad

DIY maintenance is a problem, both during and after the experience. Let us explain why.

When you start to unscrew components of your air conditioner and physically alter parts inside of it, you could be voiding the warranty of your system. Many of these units are expensive, and the warranties can protect you from paying exorbitant costs when it comes to repairs. However, these usually include fine print that warn homeowners from opening the systems up and trying to fix them.

Also, without an HVAC license, you risk doing more harm than good to your air conditioner. Components are sensitive and your DIY maintenance could lead to repairs that cost more than preventive maintenance itself.

Third: The Benefits of Professional Maintenance

Professional maintenance is not only a key service that’s required regularly for optimal AC performance, but it also comes with a whole host of benefits.

An HVAC technician can test your system and make sure it works to your preferences. We’ll give you a breakdown of how much energy it uses, the shape its in, and what you can expect over the next few years. This insight can be incredibly valuable.

Fourth: What You Can Do Right Now

Luckily, maintenance is only one small part of the lifespan of your air conditioner. There are things you can do right now to improve efficiency and keep things running smoothly—all without our help.

For starters, you can change the air filter and clean it regularly to ensure that there’s maximum airflow going through your AC. These components are perfectly fine to change out on your own and you don’t need our help to do it (unless you want it!).

Then, it’s good practice to clear air vents, check your thermostat’s settings, and be vigilant for strange noises and feelings. These will clue you into a problem that might require professional support.

Since 1971, customers have trusted Coventry & Gattis A/C, Inc. for air conditioning support. Schedule maintenance today!

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