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The C&G Guide to Your Air Filter: Why It’s So Important

Every air conditioner has an air filter, a necessary component that needs to be changed out every once in a while. Just like the oil in your car, the air filter in your air conditioner requires changing and routine maintenance. But unlike other maintenance that your AC might require, this can be done completely on your own without our help!

But why is such a simple component so important? And if it’s something so easy to change out, why does it carry such a weight for the health and longevity of your air conditioner?

These are excellent questions. The truth is that a neglected air filter could lead to many AC problems and the necessity for AC repair in Grapevine, TX. We will do our best to explain why these problems occur and how an air filter change helps.

Examining Two Air Conditioners

In order to understand the importance of your air filter, we need to talk about a comparison. Let’s put, side by side, two air conditioners and compare them. The only difference between the two of them is that one has had its air filter replaced regularly and the other hasn’t. What could go wrong?

The Maintained Air Conditioner

The first air conditioner has had its filter replaced every 1–3 months for the majority of its lifespan. It’s also had regular maintenance and repairs performed whenever something went wrong.

In this case, this system retains much of the same efficiency it had when it was initially purchased. It only consumes enough electricity to cool the air in the home, while the components still resemble their integrity from when they were first purchased, because wear and tear has been minimal.

The most important part? There’s no dust or gunk collected on the coils of the system because the air filter has weeded them out, and they’ve been routinely cleaned during maintenance.

This air conditioner is in good shape and will likely last long into the future.

The Neglected Air Conditioner

The second air conditioner has been neglected for a long period of time. The house it cools has air quality problems as dust and debris continuously circulate through the air ducts and into the breathable air. But that’s the least of this home’s worries.

The unmaintained air conditioner is likely degraded due to wear and tear and the build-up of dust and dirt. These contaminants gunk up the system, sinking into crevices and covering up the coils so they have less access to the air. This means they can’t function as effectively and take a long time to cool the air of the home. Also, their days are numbered as their condition worsens.

Most frustratingly, the system with a dirty air filter needs to run in longer cycles which means it runs less efficiently. It consumes more electricity, runs more often, and generally degrades at a faster rate as opposed to a clean air conditioner.

The Verdict

Want the first air conditioner? Then change your air filter every 1–3 months, schedule seasonal maintenance, and make sure you call us for repairs when something seems wrong. We promise things will end up more like the first scenario than the second.

Take your air conditioning seriously with help from the experts at Coventry & Gattis A/C, Inc. Schedule an appointment today!

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