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Our Heat Pump Breakdown: How They Work and Why You Need One

Heat pumps are all over the news these days. They’re becoming more affordable and widespread thanks to the SEER2 regulations and the new Inflation Reduction Act. They’re high-tech and really cool devices for all the techies out there who are eager to try innovative systems. And, perhaps most importantly, they’re efficient enough to rival the most common and effective heating and cooling systems on the market today.

But let’s face it, who is going to invest in a heat pump in Grapevine, TX if they don’t know how it works? This is an unfortunate reality of technological advancements. People just don’t feel comfortable installing systems they don’t know much about.

So, we’re here to change that. Let us, your reputable HVAC provider, tell you everything you need to know about heat pumps so you can be more informed when you call us to purchase one.

Heat Pumps: How They Work

Heat pumps run on the same technology that powers your central air conditioner. It’s a system of refrigerant that runs from an evaporator coil to a condenser coil while the compressor pulls heat from one place to another. This is essentially how all heat pumps work.

The nifty part about a heat pump when compared to an air conditioner is the fact that it can run in reverse! This allows the coils to switch jobs and the system to pull heat from the outside and bring it indoors (even on a chilly day). This is in stark contrast to a central air conditioner which only runs in one direction. Neat, right?

High Efficiency Systems

Since heat pumps don’t need to create their own heat (they simply move existing heat), the process for a heat pump to heat or cool your home is extremely energy efficient. All it requires is electricity to power the compressor, and you can get heat during the winter or air conditioning during the summer.

And these systems are no joke: they’re powerful enough to combat the chilliest temperatures we see here in Grapevine, while also being sturdy enough to handle serious air conditioning needs when our scorching hot summers arrive.

A Year-Round Comfort Solution

Heat pumps are a year-round comfort solution. They can replace your furnace and your air conditioner all with just one system. It runs on electricity so you don’t have to worry about having access to natural gas or other fuel sources.

They even come in ductless models that don’t need air ducts—in case you have a smaller or unconventional home. These systems are even more efficient and can be simply mounted on your wall, ceiling, or floor in strategic areas.

Is a Heat Pump Right for You?

This is the real question. How can you tell if a heat pump is a good purchase?

There are a number of different ways. For starters, heat pumps are more costly than conventional heating and cooling systems, but they can easily replace both of them. Heat pumps are also all-electric, so you might consider investing in one if you’re interested in saving money on your utility bills and having a more eco-friendly home.

Ultimately, the choice is up to you. But we can help.

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