Simple Troubleshooting Tips You May Find Useful

Many times homeowners call for AC service before they check some basic troubleshooting measures. For example, an air conditioner that is not running or not providing sufficient cooling is often something that will cause homeowners to call for AC service as quickly as possible. After all, when the heat of summer arrives in Texas, getting your air conditioner working is often a big priority.

Fortunately, Grapevine residents can do some simple troubleshooting and eliminate some of the most common AC service problems. The first thing you need to do is determine if your air conditioner is getting power. You should make sure that your air conditioner is plugged in and getting electricity. If it is plugged into an outlet, be sure to check your fuse box or circuit breaker, as well.

Another common problem that many homeowners overlook is the setting on their thermostat. There are times when people call for AC service only to discover that their thermostat was not set to cool. Of course, the thermostat might also be set too high, keeping your air conditioner from providing a comfortable indoor temperature. If your thermostat is set properly, you can also check to see if your cooling system is frozen. This is a very common problem and something that can easily result from a dirty or clogged air filter.

If you find ice forming on your air conditioner, it is important to turn your system off and let it thaw completely. For most homeowners, this will resolve the problem and you will not need to call for professional AC service, but if the problem continues reoccurring, an AC service professional should be consulted.

When you have air conditioner problems taking some time to see if these easy troubleshooting tips can help is an excellent way to avoid the expense of a professional service call. Of course, if these measures don’t help, it is important to contact a reputable heating and air conditioning company. For residents in Grapevine, Texas, Coventry & Gattis Air Conditioning offers fast, dependable AC service. When you need air conditioning service, give us a call!

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