What A Great Air Conditioning Repair Bid Looks Like

Finding a contractor who can do great work on your air conditioner means getting at least three bids for the repairs you need. Here are five essential qualities of a written bid when you need air conditioning repair in Southlake, TX:

Contact Information

Make sure that you have a way to contact the contractor once you make a hiring decision. Even a contractor who writes down a bid on a sheet of paper should be careful to provide contact information. You want to make sure you can get in touch with them once you’ve made a decision or if you have any questions about the bid they gave you.

Itemized Scope Of Work

You are getting a number of bids for the AC repair work you are having done. It is important that you are able to compare bids for similar work against each other. Without an itemized description of the work that needs to be done, it is difficult to know if one bid is better than the other or if one contains work items that others don’t.


You need to work with a contractor who stands behind his or her work. A contractor who does not sign his or her own bid may be a red flag that the contractor doesn’t support the work that they do.

Job Cost

When it comes to getting repair work done for the best price, it is not helpful to know about how much the work is going to cost or have a ballpark figure for what you are going to pay. You should know exactly how much you will expect to pay for the work so that you can compare costs against each other.


When getting a bid for AC repair, you should make sure to ask the contractor how long the bid is good for. An AC contractor might offer you a great price on a project but if you wait too long, the bid might be invalid, which might necessitate starting all over again. Getting great quality repair work means knowing how to spot a great bid.

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