Steps to Keep Your Heat Pump Well-Maintained

A heat pump is an excellent choice for a relatively mild climate. You can potentially save a lot in energy costs by using this type of unit instead of a furnace and air conditioner. If your heat pump doesn’t work properly, you can call an expert in heating repair in Southlake, Texas. However, you can avoid many problems by keeping your unit well-maintained. Here are some steps to follow in your regular maintenance plan.

Check the filters on the indoor unit of your heat pump for any buildup of dirt or debris. If you have clogged filters, you may be able to remedy the situation by removing and replacing them. However, some systems have reusable filters that require cleaning instead of replacement. Whichever type of filter you have, perform a check roughly once a month (or more often if clogging occurs frequently).

Other simple steps can reduce the need for heating repair in Southlake, Texas, or any other location suitable for a heat pump. Check the coils on the outdoor unit of your pump for dirt and debris. You can typically use a garden hose to wash away any accumulated material. However, don’t use a pressure washer, since you may cause unintended damage. Also make sure that the space around your outdoorunit is free from anything that can impede airflow (including general clutter and weeds or other vegetation).

Check the supply registers that carry heat into the interior of your home, as well as the return registers that remove cooled air. The fins in these registers can take significant damage over time, and even a few bent fins can substantially reduce the efficiency of your heat pump.

Many other steps in heat pump repair are better left in the hands of a qualified service technician. Examples of these steps include checking electrical connections, verifying thermostat function and checking the refrigerant charge. A specialist in heating repair in Southlake, Texas, can help you develop your maintenance plan.

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