Prepare the house and HVAC for warmer months

As day-light hours gradually increase, frigid temperatures become comfortable, the time to prepare the house and HVAC for warmer months has arrived. During spring months, having the air-conditioner checked and serviced for optimal performance is highly recommended. Checking the condenser, evaporator coil, electrical switches, refrigerant level, compressor, filters and oiling motors can address small problems before they potentially become big expenses during the heating season peak. Repair cost to address a found leak are significantly lower compared to replacing a compressor.

Trane equipment which includes their air-conditioners are long noted for reliability and dependability. Coventry and Gattis, Trane Comfort Specialist Dealer, specialize in heating repair and air-conditioner installation and service. Coverage area includes Grapvine, Southlake TX, and beyond.

Trane equipment include air-conditioner models available as single-stage and varying-stage systems. The latter reduce energy use, operating cost, and work effectively at the 67 percent capacity. Single-stage systems only operate at 100 percent capacity. Trane equipment including air-conditioners offer 10-year warranty on internal parts, compressor, outdoor coil and internal air-conditioner parts.

Furthermore, measures can be implemented to keep utility cost on the cool side during the hotter months. downstairs vent closure if the dwelling has more than one story; keep cool air in by closing outer doors; use a clothes line outdoors, and the washer and dryer when necessary; exercise or workouts could occur outdoors. Use fans throughout the home, and if using a central furnace keep the fan in the “on” position rather than “auto.”

Coventry and Gattis, provide heating repair and are Trane equipment specialist dealer, offering experience, dependable and reliable HVAC service in and around Southlake TX. The company is licensed, insured, and qualified to help you remain comfortable throughout the summer months, and warm with heating service done during winter if needed. Call Coventry and Gattis at 817-481-4286 for an appointment.

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