Air Conditioning Service Southlake TX – Energy Saving Tips – Cool Home

This hot summer season, get in touch with an air conditioning service in Southlake, TX for regular maintenance that can catch HVAC problems before they become major issues. After this, there are a few things you can do that should help your unit function at its peak and save you money on your cooling bill.

Shade Your Air Conditioner Unit

Yes, even air conditioners get hot. By planting shady shrubbery around the unit, you may help keep it cooler and even save 10 percent on your utility bill. Be sure that there is enough room between the plants and the unit so it has adequate ventilation. A technician from your air conditioning service in Southlake, TX can make sure you’ve done this correctly.

Don’t Let Your Home Become Too Warm

This includes turning off heat-producing lighting and appliances when not in use. Otherwise, your AC will work extra hard to keep your home cool, possibly overtaxing the machinery and definitely raising your bills.

Check Your Air Filters

Change your air filters at the beginning of each season so air flows smoothly through them. This also prevents your system from being overworked.

Stay Shady

Keep outside heat from seeping in through the windows by closing drapes or blinds when direct sunlight is shining in. It helps to deflect the sunlight with white or light-colored window coverings.

Let The Air Turn

Run your ceiling fans to help disperse the cool air in your home. In the summer, fans should be set on “forward,” so they turn counter-clockwise.

Before the beginning of the cooling season and prior to shutting down for the fall, have an air conditioning service in Southlake, TX inspect your unit to be sure it’s in top running condition. After a summer of working hard to keep your family cool, your AC unit deserves some TLC from an air conditioning technician. Your tech will be able to give you additional suggestions so you are able to save money and keep cool for many summers to come.

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